Discipline: l'enciclopedia di Vampiri, il Requiem

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★ Your Vampiric Disciplines Guide always available!


With this application you can access main information about disciplines of

» Vampire, the Requiem «

The features provided are:

➤ Favorite list
➤ List of disciplines
➤ View details for each discipline
➤ Quick link section, containing references to the White Wolf site
➤ Navigation to sites inside the application

The detail of each discipline contains:

➤ Page Handbook
➤ Dots number
➤ Dice Pool
➤ Cost
➤ Action type
➤ Generic Description
➤ Dramatic Failure Effects
➤ Failure Effects
➤ Success Effects
➤ Exceptional Success Effects


This application is not part of White Wolf Gaming Studio and is not intended in any way violate the copyright in his possession. Buy White Wolf products is necessary in order to play.